Who are we?

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We are an Exceptional laboratory, completely out of the ordinary.

ARSENECA, founder of the laboratories, shares with us his vision of physical, moral and social exception in our new world

ARSENECA’s words

You are here because you are one of the personalities who wish to try something else, something extraordinary, to transform their daily life by increasing well-being see creating an alternative to our current world.
Exceptional laboratory, strictly private until 2023, we are now open to the general public.
Creating the exception and standardizing it is part of our daily work. Exception physical, Exception moral or Exception social and environmental.

All our systems are created so that you can try other physical forms, other forms of awakening or any systems that can help you in your daily life.

Each ARSENECA system allows a systematic result

The particular, the exception is a priority, which we standardize.
Our deep conviction is to be able to provide solutions that will allow you to transform you without attacking you, without harming.
We have the intimate conviction that we must move the lines, since the advent of the networks social, artificial intelligences and metaverses, in which we live.
ARESENECA considers that the particularity of each person is in danger and that our society smooths, all that is particular, unique.
We must propose systems that allow us to cultivate the particular, by making systems derisory, into systems that are respectful.


First 3.0 laboratory in the world

Natural treatments

87.7% success

Certified on the blockchain by patients

100% natural systems

Products from organic farming

1st physical emotion storage system

Ready for the metaverse


customers since 2012

customers since 2012

+120% new emotions created

results produced around the world

10 years of expertise

It’s 10 years dedicated to the production and extraction of emotions so that every personality can benefit from advanced systems and other equally effective, useful and safe health products. The mastery of encapsulated radiation is a know-how that our production laboratory and their teams have been perpetuating since 1998, in a permanent spirit of continuous improvement. With rigor and professionalism, they cultivate a duty of excellence by systematically seeking to combine respect for tradition and innovation.

In 2012, the Arsènéca researchers embarked on the creation of derisory systems in order to meet the demand of personalities in particular search.

Today, with the advent of multiple, real and virtual worlds, ARSENECA maintains the same approach:

  • a human approach and environmentally friendly, corresponding to the expectations of the patients, whether it is the production of a result enabled by the Totems such as radiated capsules made available to the up and down avatars.
  • scientific rigor which, combined with our mastery of the stages of production of transforming emotions, allows us to guarantee high quality health products to as many people as possible.
  • closeness to patients, with whom we have built over time, a relationship of trust and a lively dialogue to share experiences.
  • a commitment to advancing medicine into the metaverse, exploring the realm of possibilities with audacity and humility.

The commitment of all our employees reflects their passion and their pleasure in carrying out our mission. All cultivate this duty of excellence in the manufacture of effective, safe and useful health solutions for patients.

Research focused on the particular, on the exception .

All of our research is organized around a comprehensive approach to patients to understand and meet their needs to improve their quality of life. It aims to support the efficacy, usefulness and safety of our medicines, by providing objective information to healthcare professionals wishing to prescribe them and to authorities. of health who evaluate them.

It is organized around several major axes:

  • evaluate our flagship specialties in their indication and in new indications,
  • understanding the pharmacology and mode of action of radiation at the microscale
  • provide therapeutic solutions in serious pathologies (e.g. research on supportive care, neuro-degenerative diseases) where therapeutic needs remain very high,
  • demonstrate the public health benefit of metapathy,
  • to develop our manufacturing processes in a process of continuous improvement of the quality of our medicines.

Our philosophy

A philosophy based on respect and commitment.

While our daily life is more and more smoothed by artificial intelligence and the advent of metaverses, while the register of our emotions is reduced, and some emotions tend to supplant others like anger, our emotional health system must evolve towards a more comprehensive and responsible approach, taking into account both the evolution of men in the real world and now in the virtual world, considering it as a whole. There is no longer one world but multiple worlds closely physically and emotionally intertwined.
Also, within ARSENECA Laboratories, we are committed to patients and all health professionals to help improve the daily lives of men in this new virtualized environment.

The patient as the source of the active ingredient

The patient is at the heart of innovation. It is through him and with him that treatments are continuously improved and adjusted.
Each result produced by a patient improves metapathic therapy.
All patient results are used to produce the active ingredient of radiated capsules. It is a revolution in the metapathic medication system