Keep your result thanks to the trigger

ORDER a trigger

When you do a treatment, you have to trigger your volume at some point. The trigger allows you to end your session.
Indeed, if you want to to physically transform or improve your spirit, your morale, an important step, is to trigger at the end of its dosage
For a physical transformation, triggering is the most important step, it can sometimes represent up to at 80% of the cure.

Not triggering your volume is a serious mistake

To trigger its volume, you must first have completely finished your dosage.
Two cases are available to you.
1 – If you do a review, the trigger will be dosed according to your results.
2 – If you don’t do a review, the trigger is a generic.

The assessment will allow you to monitor your progress and adapt the dosage of your trigger according to the results. Here is a comparative graph between a client who triggered and no triggered

Result stability

As you can see, the lack of triggering causes a loss of volume acquired in just 8 months.

You have 15 days to trigger your volume

If the 15 days are exceeded, we recommend that you contact customer service to find a solution.

The duration of your performance will depend on how you are going to do your cure, and triggering is an important element.