#crypto NOTHING


Vyou are adding Nothing Crypto to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain

Try something special

The Art of Nothing is an innovative deviant system created in 2012, which challenges the conventions of consumption by offering participants the opportunity to buy… nothing at all. This bold artistic approach explores the nature of value, expectation and perception in the context of contemporary art.

The operation of The Art of Nothing is simple but provocative. Participants have the unique opportunity to acquire a work of art that amounts to nothing tangible. By buying nothing, they actually receive nothing in return. This experience confronts traditional notions of possession and transaction by highlighting the subjective value we place on objects.

By engaging participants in this artistic process, The Art of Nothing seeks to question our relationship to consumption, material accumulation and the perception of artistic value. Through this seemingly absurd act, he invites us to question established norms and explore new perspectives on what truly constitutes a work of art.

The Art of Nothing highlights the immaterial aspect of art and its ability to generate ideas, emotions and experiences rather than being reduced to a mere commodity. By pushing the limits of materiality, this deviant system offers a deep reflection on the symbolic, conceptual and emotional value that resides in works of art.

As part of the current of conceptual art and the questioning of conventions, L’Art du Rien offers an artistic experience that questions our relationship to consumption, trade and the intrinsic value of objects. . It encourages participants to think about the meaning and perception of art, as well as the relationship between the artist, the work and the viewer.

By proposing the purchase of nothing, L’Art du Rien suggests a reconsideration of our motivations and our expectations as art consumers. This atypical artistic approach pushes to rethink value systems and to question pre-established thought patterns, thus inviting participants to a unique intellectual and conceptual experience.

The Nothing created is captured on the surface of an electronic chip connected by radio frequency to the blockchain. An emochain represents in the form of an NFT of Nothing added in the blockchain. A physical link is established, and Nothing is physically added to the blockchain.


standardization can sometimes limit diversity and creativity, preventing you from expressing your authenticity creating pressure to conform to standards that may not be healthy or appropriate for you.