Chris talks to us about his transformation at 50 years old


When we are more aligned with our gender, it is no longer uncommon to begin a gradual physical transformation to rectify the body’s alignment with gender. spirit.
Chris talks about his physical transformation achieved at age 50.

I wantedto have a chest, more feminine buttocks and more hips.

My goal is to gain volume in the buttocks and hips without resorting to cosmetic surgery, having already had too many problems with it.
I wanted to make injections but I don’t have enough fat. I always wondered if it was possible totransform-your-body naturally
I already have a starting base, but I have a rectangular body shape and also rectangular buttocks

Important note

The published customer experience is entirely subjective.
Every body reacts differently, morphologies are different.
By doing an equivalent cure you don’t probably won’t have the same reactions.

Chris is a complex woman who has a very precise vision of the body she would like to have. We are not extravagant, but reasonable. For her, the difficulty will be to assume her transformation once her goal has been achieved. There is work to be done on his body to make a real transformation and on his morale, to allow him to affirm his change of identity.
Chris uses three products. One for grow breasts gradually and the other to grow medium volume of the buttocks and a bit of hips



60 st day of cure chris is going to do the cure 455 to take 4.55 cm for and the cure for the breasts at the same time. She’s not doing the hips at the moment.

I’m responding very well to the treatment.
Yesterday for a walk in the mountains during the walk, I felt my buttocks grow and I started to bulk up. Where it should be in the lower back

I see my pelvis and buttocks changing. For the moment it is discreet but I feel that the buttocks are filling up well and the bead in the middle and the one at the top of the buttocks are starting to come together. I feel inside of me that my body is undergoing the transformation.

Ps: I am doing a Colombian facelift at the same time
The beautician had treated me before (not terrible the Colombian facelift but that’s another subject): this time she saw the difference: she tells me the suction cup is hanging well this time. Your cure is effective, you have gained volume in and around the buttocks. Before, we used small suction cups for the buttocks. She tried the big suction cups. She was amazed: she couldn’t believe that I had so much volume: she then told me that you had really taken on some volume in the buttocks this time the big suction cups went very well and they stuck well to the buttocks
Besides, I had no pain during the 44 minutes of aspiration.

Ido the breasts at the same time with the Breasts and I feel for 3 days, that it scratches me, in the middle of the breasts and has side of the breasts.
This morning I feel that my chest is taking on a little volume, it feels tight at times.

When I put myself in profile, in front of the mirror, I see that my chest is starting to take shape:
In fact, in front of me, I see two beautiful little nipples that are starting to take shape. Around the nipples and on the top it takes shape like a drop of water.

I feel breasts are forming , indeed it is as if I had a little more weight on the chest. When I take my hand and place it on the breasts it is completely full
And I feel two small nipples. When I take my hand and move my breasts, they react as if I were going to have a nice chest.
As I walk I start to feel them move. There too I feel that something is changing in this place. A new body is maintained to be born
It will be necessary to ask the labs if it was possible at dosage 2 to put me two or 3 suppositories for the breasts to see how I react.


Change is now: since yesterday I was telling you that I started to feel my breasts move with the slightest movement.

To give you an idea, I was very flat. I even feel that my gait is more feminine. This morning while showering, I noticed that my breasts are growing well. When I take them in my hand I feel the material. 2cm were taken. My chest is taking shape. I’m going to have nice little breasts that aren’t too big, just what I need!! the buttocks: she took it well. I feel them in my pants. I feel that my pelvis has the shape of a beautiful pair of feminine buttocks. I’m great in this new body. I hesitate to continue the dosage number 2 I have with Magalie

While taking a coffee capsule this morning, I noticed my breasts starting to feel. It scratches me all around with shivers in the chest. I love it.

At the bottom of the similar shoulder blades, it looks like my chest is starting to take shape. This morning I could almost see the shape of my breasts starting to develop. I didn’t expect to react like that!! I still have until Monday. I’m thinking of using dosage 2, we’re close to the goal.
Buttocks side

I took quite a bit it is developing well. I noticed that my butt was taking shape because while walking since Monday I start to feel the extra volume, to feel them move with the slightest movement, and while sitting I start to feel my breasts too. Is very pleasant as a sanction to finally be a woman with volume that begins to change




I am super surprised with the result, very happy.
I will finish my first dosage tomorrow morning. This morning while taking my shower in the mirror I found that my body changed into a real woman.

For the first time since starting treatment.

Indeed in the mirror I noticed that my lower back and at the level of the hips my body begins to take the shape of a woman’s body like a star. View the photo. We can see at the hips that it takes shape by digging. Looking at myself I had the impression of having a beautiful pelvis with a nice pair of buttocks and hourglass-shaped like African women at the bottom of the legs. hips I am amazed and surprised at the result. I am thinking of switching to dosage 2 to optimize the transformation. I feel very good since this body is becoming a woman indeed it’s mechanical he has no choice but to accept the transformation

This morning, Sunday 21st, my body is starting to take on more and more shapes, indeed in the photo you can see the change, it’s the end of the first dosage treatment.

In the lower back, you can see that my buttocks have taken on a lot of volume.

In the lower back it becomes hollow. In the mirror I can see that my pelvis and buttocks are starting to have an hourglass shape and with nice buttocks and volume. Din the upper back, the same, around the shoulder blades they have grown. As if I was quoting to accommodate a nice firm and round chest. Walking since the 2nd week of treatment, this chest begins to move at the slightest movement.

At home when I walk and look at my breasts they move like I have a nice pair of breasts. My mammary glands are high or slightly enlarged. My body is taking shape well, I am very happy with the result. I start to have other sensations like caressing my breasts and I feel a lot of pleasurable things. I didn’t expect to take breasts. The treatment actually seems to be working. Moreover Jai notices that it is progressive. However that night and Monday morning I felt that my chest was tight. As if I was doing a sports session in fact I think it is the transformation for the breasts that does that.



. My body is not resistant to treatment. On the contrary, it is even receptive. I feel that I am starting to transform myself gradually. I am very happy it is a change of life for me, besides on the buttocks side: I am gaining a lot of volume. The lower back and upper gluteus begin to grow. It draws well and takes the shape of the hourglass. I still feel shoots in my glutes even after the first dosage is over. My back is hollow, the bottom begins to have an hourglass shape. Like the women I love. I am very happy with the result. the: breasts. Like on the photo ; they begin to take shape and gradually grow in size as well.

You can clearly see my shoulders, they roll back naturally. In the upper back at the level of the shoulder blades I also take volume as if it were to accommodate a nice firm chest just for me. Now while walking, I feel the top of my breasts move with the slightest movement. It’s the top it’s as if I was starting to have a nice chest. It means my body is changing. I feel things in my chest too. Growth spikes in the breasts around the breasts. Every morning I find that I gain a little more volume. I’m starting to feel my chest see photo. I am really very happy with the result on the buttocks. I didn’t think I would react and transform myself from the first guess. So with Magalie I take dosage two. Monday I’m going to take trigger I can’t wait to feel like an even more woman.

First assay will end soon. I see the gradual transformation!! this morning I felt my glutes push. Breast level is starting to take shape. We begin to see the drawing

Gradually I am very happy with the result. In the lower back I feel that it pushes and that I take the buttocks. My lower back is starting to have an hourglass shape. We take more pleasure with my husband. Other sensations, I wet much more for the pleasure of my husband who is more excited as well. It is a very pleasant sensation. I’ve also been caressing my breasts since I see that it’s getting bigger. I’m very happy with the result, see the result in the photo this morning, you can clearly see the roundness of the breast and you can see that it’s growing. I have two beautiful little nipples that move at the slightest movement, it’s a treat as I feel!!

After more than a week from the beginning of the treatment, I am amazed with the result and the change. And very happy with the results. Magalie is right to tell me that the product works for 15 days after taking it.

My body is really changing into a beautiful woman. I notice it every morning I wake up. Indeed when I wake up I feel and find that my breasts are growing evenly. And gain volume gradually. At the level of the body when I put myself in profile in the mirror I clearly see a change. Magalie is right to tell me that my body offers no resistance to transformation and treatment. How nice it is to finally start to have breasts that take shape and to be able to feel them caress them feel them move at the slightest movement.

I don’t know if it’s the effect of the plants and the fact that my body is changing, but I feel much better since in this body. More relaxed, more comfortable. I can’t wait to take the fenugreek with female osteogenic hormones to see how I react to the breasts. I’m really happy with the effects. You have helped me a lot to feel good in this woman’s body. Now I have other feelings. Here is my body this morning in the photo

I’m starting to feel my butt swell. Grows. Takes volume. This is thanks to the volume trigger. Moreover, the effect after introducing the trigger was almost immediate: this effect and my feelings were more painful. Indeed I could feel that the fenugreek and the osteogenic phytohormones were starting to act. This feeling was a little more trying, and painful

The breasts: since the first take with the Treatment for the breasts, I have seen these begin to take the shape of beautiful and shaped women’s breasts. As a reminder, I have never had boobs, nothing at all. Looking closer and showering I could see that I had nice little nipples starting to appear.

Seeing this is what makes me want to take the Special Authorization Breast Cure. Every day I find that the outline of my breasts increases.

The roundness of my breasts is also increasing. Moreover, since the end of the first cure, I begin to feel my breasts move at the slightest movement. My mammary glands on the top and bottom are also starting to grow and provide the necessary so that they begin to grow and flourish.

It’s a great feeling to be able to feel your chest and breasts move with the slightest movement, which proves that my body is changing. I am really very satisfied with the result, I hope to continue to gain volume with the trigger, neither too much nor not enough, just for me. >

Progress report

Progress report

Chris has a body that is only moderately resistant to transformation. It has a resistance index of 446/1000 which corresponds to an orange profile. A recommendation has been issued for its diet. The progression is good without being spectacular. The cure has been done optimally so it goes to dosage number two.

  • Buttock volume increase: 2 cm
  • Breast increase: 0.5 cm

1000 /1000 Resistance ORANGE Chris is amazing, she is determined, diligent and does the cures correctly. I think for the buttocks dosage two will suffice given its purpose. It must now trigger its volume. A trigger for the breasts and one for the buttocks.


I am blown away with the result and the change in my body indeed I took the volume trigger yesterday.

Already after 30 minutes I started to feel its effect.
Indeed I started feeling a little weird like another person (probably the female phyto hormones and female osteogen) so yesterday after taking I could feel the fenugreek oil and the hormones working… last night and this morning I could feel peaks of growing in my buttocks and on my lower back but I could feel that I was gaining volume and swelling, my buttocks were growing like a flower. I am amazed at the increase in volume, I have already gained 2cm on the rib and at the level of the buttocks which fill out well.

Looks like the dosage one treatment prepares the ground like a fertilizer. Then with the trigger and fenugreek oil and phyto hormones, we put the fertilizer to grow and grow. It’s exactly that !! the breasts: it’s starting to take shape.

My body has responded well and my breasts are starting to grow and I can see 2 beautiful nipples that are gradually starting to get bigger. Same since taking the shutter, I feel things in the chest and spikes of shoots.

It’s since I started and it makes me want to take the suppo cure for breasts. A new sensation has appeared since the end of the first dosage and now it becomes even more present, it is that I can feel my chest starting to move at the slightest movement. As I walk, I begin to have a more feminine attitude!! at the level of the breasts I see two beautiful little nipples. I see them grow every morning. It’s progressive. I’m really happy with the result!!

The Product is active but at the same time pleasant !! indeed since Monday’s take, and like last night during the movie I could feel after the meal and during the movie that I was getting bigger in real time. Real effect check in the mirror ! I’m finally starting to have a beautiful pelvis, hourglass-shaped buttocks that are starting to grow and gain volume, that’s thanks to pure fenugreek oil.

Since taking the shutter I feel weird. Indeed I have the impression of changing people: it’s a weird feeling, but at the same time pleasant to no longer be yourself. I have my body before and my new body that appears. The one I’ve always dreamed of. But this feeling is also trying. It was probably due to phyto hormones and female estrogens! this feeling of no longer feeling yourself and feeling that you are changing.

The breasts: because I am doing the treatment for the breasts: a slight loss of volume. Magalie told me she was right I think it’s for the better. With the cure for the breasts I also feel a transformation in the chest. Sometimes tightness of growth peaks and filling for the trigger, you will have to ask the lab so that I have a nice chest just for me but not too big.

Since I started these breast and butt cures I have noticed a new sensation for me that is very pleasant. It’s actually the chest and at the level of the mammary glands that move as if I had a 95H chest it’s great I love this feeling of finally being different I will start the cure dosage 2 black one next week

Friday night I again had a peak of trying feeling. I went to bed at 9:30 last night. The product is super active. I’m starting to get bigger buttocks in the lower back and on the top of the buttocks it even hurts at times because I feel that in these places it takes on volume. As well as in my buttocks.

It’s gradually getting bigger. When I’m physically challenged, I feel that inside my body things are happening (volume change) I don’t know how to describe it but I feel strange, weird and I feel like my feminine personality is starting to strengthen . It was due to the female phytohormones and female estrogen contained in the trigger. The chat advisor is right to tell me that a transformation is not without rest. Now the breasts because I took the cure for the breasts: also I feel that my breasts are working at times. It’s as if I had done intensive sports sessions on my chest. Another bizarre fact is the increase in tightness in the breasts, peaks of growth in the breasts and I feel at times that it is re

fill in to get bigger. Itching between the breasts and next to the breasts that proves that I am transforming well. My breasts are starting to take shape and grow. I think I have after the 3 dosages a nice firm breast but not too bulky.

Last Friday was tough again. To believe that the volume trigger has still acted. Taken for a week. Or this is due to dosage number 2 of the black one cure. In any case testing Friday: I could feel my breasts working I had aches behind the back at the level of the shoulder blades.

This morning it seems to me that my breasts have grown in size. It felt heavier to grip. It’s still working this morning. I think my transformation is inevitable. Even behind the back on the shoulder blade side, it seems to me that I am gaining volume as if to accommodate a nice little chest. The buttocks the dosage 2 begins to take effect I also feel filling just above the thighs at the level of the buttocks. But the most convincing effect is on the breasts!! I didn’t expect to transform like this. II’m going to have a nice chest.


I started session 2, Dosage 2 of the 455 glutes cure.
The result is breathtaking.
Since the trigger I feel my buttocks growing rapidly and I feel it the next day or just after taking the suppo I notice my lingerie which has trouble getting in and pants or I feel my buttocks. The breasts: assessment carried out with Magalie who follows me: the effect is still breathtaking!!

She also found that according to the photos my breasts were starting to grow and have a little roundness.She was very happy with the result compared to the pictures from the start. I see my breasts grow slightly bigger gradually.

Spikes of shoots with a fuller feele. I still feel peaks of growth in the lower back also next to the shoulder blades. cm. My body is changing, and that’s since I took the trigger,

I hope the boob trigger will have the same effect and gain another 2 or 5 cm. In any case, I feel good for the first time in my life. Indeed it is mechanical and above all systemic. However, as I wanted the transformation, it must also help my body, which has no resistance to the transformation.

The continuation of dosage number 2 for the buttocks changes my way of life. Effectively stronger, more challenging. However, the result is very promising for the buttocks.

Indeed I feel tight in my penny clothes. And with each supposing I feel my buttocks filling up and getting bigger. And she takes the hourglass shape well like women.

The breasts: they also begin to grow. But already dosage number 1 for breasts was great. They seem heavier to me, my feeling is that it swells gradually. Even the mammary gland swelled slightly.

15th day dosage 2

Amazing effect on my breasts.
I took I think 2cm. Now they have to be made to take volume certainly by passing a special authorization. It’s great I’m amazed with the result, I realized that my breasts grew by 2 cm because on one side of the back the shoulder blades break I have a mole. I saw it before the treatment. Now it’s starting to go under my arm. Which proves that my breasts have grown. I am delighted with the result. As I have dowry to Magalie I would like another 1 cm but we will see later. Anyway, that’s great. As I walk I can feel the top of my chest jump my breasts move at the slightest movement!! my body is actually becoming more of a woman. The buttocks: formidable effect of dosage two. I had a hard time getting into my pants!! THE ALSO THING THAT THE treatment works.

However I think the butt I’m at saturation and I think I’ve achieved my goal. I’m thinking of stopping at dosage 2. For the breasts, see photo. Result without calls!
I can stop there and start hips later but also my moral because morally I am exhausted