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Since 2012 ARSENECA has been working on the possibility of transferring our emotions from the physical world to virtual worlds

The EMOCHAIN ​​project, a completely extraordinary project

The EMOCHAIN ​​project simply aims to physically capture our emotions to record them in the blockchain.

We have just entered a new era.
With the advent of social networks and metaverses, our emotional register has been transformed. Some emotions supplant others, such as anger, while others are smoothed out by the algorithms, or even disappear from our register.

We reacted on the one hand create new emotions, and on the other hand keep the existing ones in order to counter the smoothing operated by our society.
But it was also necessary to act in depth and invent the way to inoculate real and authentic emotions into the metaveres.

We are already in the metaverse

You are already in the metaverses, but not in the way you might imagine.
We are very far from science fiction films, far from the aging image of men wearing virtual reality helmets.
This image is just the wrapping paper and the reality is much more complex.

You don’t you not only entered the metaverse,you also gave birth to it.
It is no longer just about entering a space, but it’s about visiting “your child” who has your genes in the form of information, who will evolve despite you in the metaverse, like an informational automaton (Langton)

Your data are the sperm that come to fertilize an egg, which will give birth to your informational replica.
For the moment, still at an embryonic stage, yet it is already there and you do not see it, because we are indeed at an embryonic stage.
It is no longer science fiction and yet , your daily life is already impacted, as is your well-being.
As parents, you must take care of the lives of your children, you must take care of your replicas in the metaverse.
The first embryonic stage today comes down to saying I’m going to update my facebook page.

Creating new types of well-being

We need to evolve therapies, which take into account new causal links between multiple universes.

Arseneca is ready. We have created perfectly adapted and scalable therapies to create an active ingredient that can be used even in the metaverse.
Like what happened past for cryptocurrencies, we have created the equivalent with our therapies.
To create the active ingredient, we are asking “miners” who will create emotions, from the Totems created.
These Totems solve a problem of physical, moral or social well-being. The result produces radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves. We pick up some of these waves on the baryonic surface of a tiny silicon chip made of a microprocessor and an antenna. It is designed to carry digital information within it, at a specific time.
The electronic chip is recovered by ARSENECA Laboratory to be exploited and ready to be integrated into a capsule.

This chip contains two important elements. Part of the physical radiation and the digitized information of the emitter of the radiation. The chip is connected to the blockchain by radio frequency.

Emochains adapted to new emotional fields

Physical, moral or social well-being should no longer be considered independent of virtual universes. Our universes are perfectly unified.
A simple social network, like Instagram, TikTok, or a simple email is a metaverse in its own right.
Opening Instagram now takes you into a metaverse. When you leave Instagram, a part of you will continue to live at the very heart of the algorithm. You have created what we at ARSENECA call a avatar down.

And you…. you become an up avatar, intimately connected to your down avatar, which evolves independently of you, but which evolves quickly.
You no longer have control over down avatars whose data is governed by metaverse algorithms
The links between avatars up and avatars down are increasingly difficult to remove and act as neural connections that grow stronger with frequency of use.

You are probably unaware of these down avatars that are created, but just using a GPS will create a down avatar linked to your up avatar. A part of you comes to life inside the multiverse, (at an embryonic stage right now) and those lives can make you sick, and they can be sick too .

Let’s take an example that illustrates this embryonic stage and the bond between you and the metaverse.
You open Instagram to view your newly published photo. The 12 likes you received give you an emotion.
What you don’t realize is that when you take a photo to post it on Instagram, even before you post it, you project yourself on the number of likes you are likely to gain.
This is why, you seek to take a photo that will contain relevant information adapted to the emotion to be provoked.
She can be beautiful, or horrible, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the information it conveys.
By doing this, you interrupted your reality, for a moment, to project in Instagram< /span>. You deferred emotion from the moment, to the emotion you are going to feel by the number of likes in Instagram, which will be more than different nature.
You can very well say, but I don’t do this to get likes, but that’s completely wrong Our nature is made for get recognition and provoke emotions around you.

What happens in the Instagram metaverse influences your universe, and your profile is entirely managed by algorithms, independently of you. It’s the life of your avatar down.

ARSENECA develops solutions that contain an active ingredient radiated and connected to the blockchain. In your hand, you have the physical radiation that an individual has created especially.
Ultimately these new drugs will make it possible to act for avatars up or down.
To achieve this breakthrough, ARSENECA will place the blockchain at the heart of the system. The blockchain will act as a bridge between the two worlds. Welcome to the future.

Why are we doing this?

Our emotions are in danger

The advent of algorithms and artificial intelligence, which drive social networks, help us in our life choices, in our movements and in our creativity.
They give us a pleasant feeling of a more easy, where the choice problems, which we had to do before, seem to be from another era.
A red carpet is rolled out under your feet.
It’s rolled out for what you like, what you watch, what you do, solely for your well-being (and that of your loved ones). private companies that own the algorithms)
Everything is done to lead you to the best possible destination, the safest. Why complain about it then?
You only listen to the music calculated for you, you only read the books pushed by the algorithm in order to provide you with immediate well-being, you always watch your favorite films, you only travel the fastest route. Your life is optimized by algorithms that do not have an ounce of intelligence.
A systematic smoothing is operated, and the individual is erased. Some emotions gradually disappear to give way only to generalized and extreme emotions.

Create new particular emotions, create exceptions.

Nos émotions sont en dangers. Certaines disparaissent pour laisser la place à d’autres qui vont se retrouver amplifiées. Nous n’osons plus le particulier, car il n’est pas un critère de rentabilité.
Nous préférons la masse et l’uniformité et avoir l’émotion la plus forte, la plus extrême mais certaine. Celle qui nous rapporte le plus de like, tel que l’algorithme programmé par l’homme l’a défini.
Le particulier et l’exception ont disparu. 

The Emochain project is an extraordinary project

ARSENECA considers life as a particularity, an exception to be preserved. Particularity at the expense of generality. The exception to the detriment of the rule.
The Emochain project aims to use every existing rule, to hijack it and create the exception. Each exception is also to be diverted to create the exception of the exception, like a self-referential loop.

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All particular emotions created and its moment are stored physically. The moment is digitized and stored in the ETH blockchain

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