Vyou are adding Sleep Crypto to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain


Try exceptional sleep

Sommeil Révélé is a deviant system that explores the field of sleep and recovery by offering a unique and immersive experience. By engaging in this artistic performance, the artist creates and offers sleep to people who need it.

When a person commands sleep, the performer places himself in a state of deep sleep for them. This shared sleep experience symbolizes the artist’s desire to bring rest and tranquility to others. The artist connects to a technological device that captures his electromagnetic radiation when he sleeps.

This data is captured on an electronic chip connected by radio frequency to a blockchain, where it is recorded immutably. An NFT, named Emochain, is created to represent both the symbolic image of offered sleep and the actual amount of physical sleep added to the blockchain. The Emochain thus becomes a tangible and unique representation of this shared sleeping experience.

Sommeil Révélé questions our relationship to sleep and recovery, while exploring the boundaries between art and well-being. It offers a reflection on the value of sleep in our modern society and highlights the need for rest and relaxation.

This deviant system is part of the trend of experimental and technological art, combining performance art, sleep device technology and blockchain. It invites viewers to reflect on the importance of sleep in their daily lives and to consider sleep as a precious and consumable good.

Sommeil Révélé also offers an exploration of the relationship between the personal intimacy of sleep and its collective sharing. It questions the notions of gift, recovery and rest, while sparking discussions on the benefits of sleep for our physical and mental health.

By capturing sleep on a microchip and integrating it into the blockchain, Sleep Revealed seeks to expand our understanding of what can be recorded and shared in the digital realm. It encourages participants to think about the new possibilities offered by technology to express, capture and share unique personal experiences. Sleep becomes a physical good and a natural consumable.

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