Vyou are adding  Crypto Right to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain

Try an exceptional right to live

Droit de Vivre is a revolutionary deviant system that explores the concept of the fundamental right to life. It offers a unique experience by allowing individuals to access a right to live with a simple click. By challenging traditional notions of the existence and value of life, this system pushes the boundaries of our understanding of life itself.

When a person orders a right to live, they are invited to register using a link provided to them. This registration process makes her a “beneficiary” and guarantees her right to live until her death. This registration is securely recorded in the register of rights holders, deposited in a bank vault, symbolizing the preservation and protection of this precious right.

In addition to the registration in the register, the person also receives a microchip connected to an emochain, which is an NFT. This chip captures the emotions and life force of the individual, symbolically representing the essence of his life. Every heartbeat, every breath, every experience is captured and added to the blockchain, creating an immutable record of the individual’s life.

Droit de Vivre challenges the social and philosophical conventions surrounding the right to life. By offering simplified access to this fundamental right, this deviant system invites deep reflection on the value of life, individual and collective responsibility, as well as on the ethical and moral implications.

This deviant system is part of the movement of conceptual art and digital art, using new technologies to create unique sensory and intellectual experiences. It challenges participants to reflect on their own existence, the fragility of life, and how we grant and preserve this fundamental right.

Join us in this provocative exploration of the right to life and its impact on our society. Through this deviant system, we are rethinking the boundaries of life, how we value it, and how we preserve it. Together, let’s create a dialogue on the essential questions of existence and the meaning of life.

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