One of the best alternatives to buttock injections is the use of pressurized natural food supplements. This is the technical prowess that we use in our laboratories.
The supplements are used in the form of a treatment to be done, most treatments in 20 days< /span>,.

The principle is as follows:
You choose your treatments according to your volume objective.
Each treatment is made to achieve a specific volume goal. For example, for the treatment XXLis made to take 9.8 cm.
The treatment XL allows to gain up to 6.8 cm and the treatment L gives 4.55 cm more volume to the buttocks .

For the volume of the buttocks

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For the volume of the hips

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In this article we explore the different solutions and products to gain volume in the buttocks and hips and explain why, we favor natural treatments to do, more effective than the simple products.

The products are not effective for everyone. Every body type is different

Wanting to change your body and transform it to respond to fashion is a wish that has always existed. (mainly among women, but more and more among men)

We want to transform our body to correct our beauty.
However there are not many physical possibilities to beautify.

Indeed, our brain judges the beauty of a woman or a man mainly by their face, see only by their face. This evaluation is automatic, because your brain will calculate the beauty of the face. (See the article why i’m ugly)

For the body it’s completely different. Our brain will not calculate the beauty of the body. References and beauty criteria are mainly related to fashion. Sometimes skeletal body fashion (heroine chic) or athletic body fashion (Body)
Which is good news, because it’s easier to transform your body than your face to “increase your beauty points”
The current trend is the body with generous shapes, voluminous and shapely buttocks, wide hips and thick legs.
This is the Manga body.
However, for ten years, the desire has been to turn to natural alternatives, as confirmed by the downward trend in the use of cosmetic surgeries and hyaluronic acid injections.

However, this requires knowing the limits of your body.

Read the article on knowing the limits of your body when using natural products


Results but not for everyone

The big unknown with natural transformation products is the result. By natural product, we mean products that are part of a natural development pattern of the body, without constraints. Natural products accelerate the result.
For a quick result, ARSENECA LABORATORY uses empty capsules as a galenic form, to be activated.
However, while the results are dramatic, they don’t work for everyone.
That’s why we recommend a profile test to find out if your body can use natural processes and products for your transformation.

The most effective products for gaining volume in the buttocks, hips and breasts.


We are increasingly abandoning invasive or injection surgeries to turn to natural alternatives. However we can ask ourselves the question ifit really works?

There are thousands of products to make your buttocks and breasts bigger

As you browse the web, you may have noticed that butt size matters a lot these days. Even if this is not a new fact (in prehistoric times the sculpted statuettes already represented women with imposing buttocks as a criterion of beauty)
There are vitamins, creams, gels, physical exercises, machines, possible surgeries to improve the buttocks.
Before choosing which product is best for your buttocks or breasts, and what you want to do, consider what kind of change you need to make.
Would you like a minor change or a radical change?
Not all products are created equal.

In research we favor capsules as the most effective dosage form to the detriment of other products.

The trend for 5 years now has been to prefer natural solutions when they exist, to the detriment of invasive surgeries or injections. This is why ARSENECA laboratories have replaced injections with natural treatments to be done at home, with similar effectiveness, but the advantage of natural and permanent result.
You can consult the different solutions here

Types of products available in the market

The different types of products

Creams and gels for volume

This is what the general public prefers. There are creams to soften the buttocks, to give them volume, to reduce the orange peel appearance, to smooth the skin. Some creams act in depth, others superficially.

The creams never act on the volume, but only on the “comfort of the skin”

Capsules and granules

Another form of products to allow volume gain, volume capsules.
Rather rare, because the galenic form falls under the category of medicine and is more complicated to market because of the necessary authorizations to be obtained.
In France, the market is very controlled you will hardly find any
Granules are reserved for food supplements. You will find it more easily.

The capsules can only have an effect if they are prescribed for therapeutic purposes. Other capsules cannot give volume

Drinking bulbs

Almost non-existent, you won’t find any. They consist more particularly of vitamins and will be assimilated to food supplements. This form is more common in the United States


Well established in Europe, syrups have the advantage of being easy to use. For volume gain, on the other hand, they are rarely effective because the regulatory composition limits the use of medicinal active ingredients. You will therefore find syrups containing a molecule such as fenugreek which will act on weight without ever having demonstrated real effectiveness.

Suppositories for bulking

The suppository is a very French product and particularly well established in the world. Easy to use rectally, it allows an action as fast as the capsules. For the volume of the buttocks, the market being regulated, it is rather rare because it is considered a drug and therefore difficult to market.
chezbelette before buy ARSENECA Laboratory was the suppository specialist and even launched the fashion for round and generous buttocks.

Only medicinal products that can act in depth will allow volume gain for therapeutic purposes. No cream allows volume gain.

The five categories of products for the volume of the buttocks and breasts

There are 5 categories of product, whose efficiency or more precisely the power of transformation is graduated on a scale from A to E.
This is the ECA scale.


Invasive products and processes

#The result is systematic, but the satisfaction of the result is more mixed

It’s no secret that operations on the buttocks and hips are by far the most uncertain. Eventual slippage of the product, “wavy” skin.

Category A transformation product

In this category is the future of transformation products, electronic or radiation micro robots that work within the body to repair, modify or transform the body on scales microscopic.
For the moment, there is no proven scientific proof, even if Research is booming, particularly with ARSENECA laboratories and radiated capsules.

Category B transformation product

In this category, you will find all the surgical procedures which make it possible to modify the body in depth, sometimes even to transform it radically. This is the most efficient in terms of transformation and also the most risky. the result may be uncertain. A transformation requires the systematic use of a surgeon.

natural products

The effectiveness is uncertain because it depends a lot on the morphology of the person, his genetics. However, unlike invasive techniques, the result is perfectly harmonious, and satisfaction is far superior to invasive techniques.

Category C transformation product

These products or drugs used to make a visible and permanent physical change in the body. They are transformation products mainly in the form of natural hormones.
It is in the form of treatments to be done for the volume of the buttocks or the hips.
It is this type of treatment that we offer to personalities.

Start a treatment

Category D transformation product

These are the products and processes that allow a more lasting change than creams, such as physical exercises, food supplements to be used with a sport (proteins for example)
These products or exercises have a temporary effect and require renewal or assiduity to keep the muscles under tension

Category E transformation product

This category is mainly occupied by care creams, such as moisturizers, beauty creams, which improve comfort temporarily.
These creams haveno effect on volume gain.


This choice depends first of all on the change you want to achieve. If it’s a drastic change, you’ll need Categories A or B processes, and you won’t have a choice. The result will depend on the other only (the surgeon or the microchip)

For a natural change, in other words to accompany the body naturally to change, by giving it a boost you will have to opt for the category C of products or processes. The result will depend on your effort and the product.

Indeed in this category one does not work without the other.
For limited improvement, such as muscle building, weight loss, or volume gain, you can use Category D products and processes. The result will depend on your effort only
For improved comfort and embellishment you can opt for a category A product that does not transform the body.

Before you start a butt and hip transformation take a step back too. If you consider yourself truly ugly, read this article next. (why am i ugly)< /p>


Category C capsules for buttock volume

For ten years, new natural processes have been developed.
The use of category C products requires know-how.
These products have the advantage of allowing you to change in a significant way, and more particularly to change the volume of the buttocks

The result is permanent. However, all products in this category require user action which should not be passive.

Like a sports coach with his client. It may be a matter of setting up a specific diet, or modifying one’s lifestyle. The product used alone will therefore not work optimally.

We recommend choosing your transformation products at least from category C, up to A for a satisfactory result.

Products with limited effectiveness, due to your genetics


Natural treatments allow an aesthetic improvement, but systematically require consideration. Indeed, the first limit is the morphological nature of the person who wants to perform a transformation. For some, it will always be easier to transform than for others, because the body can resist any form of transformation. The second limit is genetic, because natural products act on the size of fat cells and not on the number.
There are therefore psychological resistance (a stressed person can limit change) and physical (genetic factors are important)

To overcome this resistance, it is possible to set up support for change. This means that the person must try to lower this resistance by improving their diet, for example. Examples for well grow your buttocks are available here.
After the resistance is lowered, the product can more easily operate.
It is possible to achieve better results than surgery or injections.

For a physical transformation, an alternative to surgery, there is no natural treatment on the self-service market in the form of creams or tablets to take. You must refer to alternatives at the limit of the drug often prescribed on medical advice. These treatments are mainly hormone-based and require compensation and support for change to obtain a better result than injections and, to a lesser extent, cosmetic surgeries.

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