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Welcome to our research lab, where the extraordinary becomes the new normal. We are proud to present a natural concept that defies convention and unleashes unparalleled potential: the natural transformation enabled by Deviant Systems.

In our lab, we believe in challenging expectations and revolutionizing our approach to innovation. With Deviant Systems, we invite you to take a transformative journey that redefines what is possible and sets new benchmarks for success.

Deviant Systems is not just a methodology and products; they testify to our relentless quest for excellence. We have harnessed the power of deviation to disrupt traditional norms and unleash a world of untapped possibilities. By venturing beyond the ordinary, we open up a universe where breakthroughs don’t happen by chance, but the systematic result.

With Deviant Systems, we invite you to embrace a future where creativity knows no bounds and potential is limitless. Our cutting-edge technologies and visionary team have meticulously crafted a platform that empowers you to challenge the status quo, free yourself from limitations, and discover breakthrough solutions</span >. Whether you are female, male, or transgender, trailblazer or ambitious visionary, Deviant Systems is your gateway to shapingyour physique, your morale or your social interactions.

The Deviant Systems experience is designed to be simple, smooth and intuitive, integrating seamlessly into your daily life. Our design criteria for physical, moral and social well-being are based on feedback from our customers, personalities from all over the world. Using a customer-centric approach, we’ve re-engineered every aspect of Deviant Systems to deliver a transformative experience that will gradually change you.

With Deviant Systems, you are not just an observer, but an essential player in innovation. Our robust ecosystem fosters collaboration, fuels ideation, and encourages the co-creation of breakthrough solutions. Together we will defy norms, unlock new horizons of possibility and shape a future that will exceed all expectations.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine what is possible, transcend boundaries and set new standards for innovation. Embrace Deviant Systems and allow yourself to be transformed physically, morally and socially to soar to new heights using natural, automatic and normalized Deviant Systems.


President ARSENECA Laboratory during an experiment on supercritical fluids and boiling water to thaw.

What is an ARSENECA deviant system?

Invented by ARSENECA in 2012, Deviant Systems inspire individuals to go their own way, embrace their uniqueness, and push the boundaries of what is. considered possible. They encourage a mindset of growth, curiosity and constant questioning, creating a culture of perpetual learning and personal evolution.

These are micro systems that, when used, allow for a transformative, all-natural, safe experience.
and systematic results! These innovative systems are designed to harness the innate potential of each individual, providing a unique path to accomplishment and success in whatever they wish to achieve.

Deviant systems are rooted in the very nature of existence. By aligning with the fundamental principles of life, they adapt and evolve in harmony with our deepest being. Their holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness between body, mind and soul, helping to achieve comprehensive and lasting results.

The beauty of deviant systems is their inherent security. Unlike artificial or invasive methods,they respect the integrity of our being, without compromising our health or well-being. Based on proven practices and ancestral knowledge, they guide us on the path to transformation without jeopardizing our natural balance.

When you adopt a deviant system, you activate a systematic process that propels you towards your goals. Each step is carefully designed to catalyze your potential, inevitably bringing you closer to the success you seek. Results are guaranteed because they are rooted in universal principles that know no failure.

When you use the Deviant Systems, you give yourself the opportunity to realize your full potential. You free yourself from self-imposed limitations and open the doors to abundance, success and well-being. You enter a state of alignment and flow where every aspect of your life harmonizes and thrives.

Deviant systems are more than just a method, they represent a philosophy of life. They invite you to embrace your uniqueness, question convention and embrace the extraordinary. You deserve a fulfilling and rewarding life, outside the imposed norms, and the deviant systems are there to guide you towards this bright future, like a real alternative to the current world.

Do not wait any longer, explore the wonders of deviant systems and discover your limitless potential. Get ready to experience a systematic, natural, and rewarding transformation that will gradually transform your life.


A new laboratory open to the public since 2023, we specialize in deviant, automatic and standardized micro systems.

An ARSENECA system

Accelerate and shift gears for physical, moral or social well-being transformation.
There are all-natural systems out there for you help you live better, feel good in your body, in your mind, and in your relationship with others.
Discover the ARSENECA systems now open to the general public.

Essayez un système naturel et vivez une expérience transformative

Unique in the world

You are going to create an Emochain.
An Emochain is the result of your transformation that we are going to materialize.
With ARSENCA systems you are guaranteed to produce a quality physical, moral or social Emochain.< br />This is made possible by the standardization of the processes of manufacturing the results

Beauty Emoji

Result of an exceptional physical transformation

Produce a systematic result

The natural systems that we make available to you in the form of, normalizing treatments to be carried out allow you to achieve a very specific objective in accordance with current societal and environmental requirements
By using an ARSENECA system you will produce an Emochain el result of your good -be.

Since its creation, our laboratory has never stopped innovating and has developed its own industrial tool to respond to the unique system manufacturing process. They guarantee a perfect production of a result and allow us to offer identical quality everywhere in the world.
The creation of a system is the fruit of a long work of research and development, and nothing is left to chance. Its development can require several years of Research and Development.
This is what allows us to ensure a systematic and perfectly controlled result.

Guarantee the quality of the production of the result

We control the entire design and manufacture of our systems Throughout their development, we carry out numerous checks to guarantee their reliability and their regularity. They are subject to internal Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and local Marketing or Registration regulations. Obtaining these authorizations is the insurance for our customers, to have quality systems and without risks.

An unshakable confidence

If so many personalities trust us, it is because we offer tocreate exceptional emotions, which take into account the evolution of society, of their desires and their environment, thanks to advances in research on the blockchain, which provide a plus and a proven alternative to traditional solutions, which still resort to cosmetic surgeries , or invasive injections or psychotropics. Each system is the result of research work resulting from the fusion of Science and Art. The laboratories offer systems that are perfectly adapted to the problems posed and to contemporary concerns

Advanced technology

Electronic chip containing a banked emotion

You will be amazed by the result, and have a strong emotion.
Your emotion is the result of using an ARSENECA system. It’s going to be preserved physically as if you were preserving a memory.
This plus, we put it in place to protect your emotion because emotions either fade away or get smoothed out by our current societies.
We do that because together we contribute to the preservation of our emotions and the improvement of the system.
This is the Emochain project.

See the EMOCHAIN project

A Systematically Created Emochain

Emochain of beauty


Everything is done so that you can create the most beautiful Emochain possible using ARSENECA systems.
An Emochain is simply your end result. It is a sacred art object that preserves your exceptional emotion in the blockchain.
You don’t have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. From its creation to its availability. You will be able to buy at a preferential price. It’s like buying an art object.

Work noticed and rewarded by peers

Makerfaire first prize A system created especially for Malia

It is for people like Malia* that the Arsènéca laboratories innovate, to enable her to live better, by helping her discover a possible alternative.

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