ARSENECA systems are natural treatments for physical, mental and social well-being. Each system responds to a desire for improvement without invasive surgery or injections, by diverting the system naturally.

The future is now

ARSENECA systems, natural systems to do with systematic results. Once a result is achieved, the emotion produced will be of optimal quality.

When you use a system, you always produce a natural result. The systems systems are natural, organically grown systems that not only help you reach your goal, but also chemically provoke a strong emotion. The result is superior to conventional injective surgeries or drug systems.
Welcome to the future.

87.7% of certified successes with ARSENECA

A system is a system developed sometimes at the request of a personality to produce a new emotion. At first, exclusively private since 2012, the ARSENECA laboratory has opened up completely to the general public at the beginning of make a treatment that has already proven itself, because it is made to measure and used by a personality. This allows you to achieve a natural result systematically. Since January 2023 ARSENECA completes its system by the possibility to list all the qualitative emotions on the ETH blockchain thanks to its advanced system. these are the Emochain

Your effort is rewarded

Your achieved goal, through the use of systems, will transform your daily life. Your emotion of beauty, glory, exhilaration or other physical, moral or social emotion are the fruit of the tree, the end result.
By using a system you will produce a systematic result gradually.
Your emotion will be captured and preserved on the blockchain as also a proof of result.Your emotion in the form of an EMOCHAIN can be purchased by a collector.
You can invest by acquiring your Emochain.

The search for radiated emotions

The world is changing very quickly. Research is accompanying this evolution to improve physical, moral and social well-being. One of the major events of our century is theadvent of social networks and now metaverses. We had to provide an answer adapted to the new needs. EMC systems are information reconstituted radiation medicine. Reconstructed information radiation will emit a signal that will be directly interpreted by the brain . The origin of the radiation emitted at the micrometer scale (10um) is reconstituted in the form of digitized information. The entropy of the system is strongly reduced, and the information becomes an active principle that can be interpreted and used by the brain. The brain interprets and orders the production of an appropriate response.  

The first physical emotions for metavers

By listing emotions in the blockchain, we create a link between a physical and a virtual reality, whose keystone is the NFT.
Each Emotion Mining Card is physically linked to an emotion, captured by the microchip.