New laboratory open to the public since 2023, we are specialized in the creation of emochain 

An ARSENECA system

Accelerate and shift into high gear for the transformation of your physical, moral or social well-being.
There are all-natural systems to help you live better, feel good in your body, in your mind, and in your relationship with others.
Discover the ARSENECA systems now open to the general public and create your own Emochain

Try a system and create your Emochain

Unique in the world

You are going to create an Emochain.
An Emochain is the result of your transformation that we are going to materialize.
With ARSENCA systems you are assured to produce a physical, moral or social Emochain of quality.
This is made possible by the standardization of the manufacturing processes of the results

Emochain of beauty

Result of an exceptional physical transformation

Produce a systematic result

The natural systems that we place at your disposal in the form of, normalizing treatments to be made allow you to reach a very precise objective in agreement with the current societal and environmental requirements
By using a system ARSENECA you will produce an Emochain el result of your wellbeing.

Since its creation, our laboratory has never ceased to innovate and has developed its own industrial tool to meet the unique process of manufacturing systems. They guarantee a perfect production of a result and allow us to offer an identical quality everywhere in the world.
The creation of a system is the result of a long work of research and development, and nothing is left to chance. Its development may require several years of research and development.
This is what allows us to ensure a systematic and perfectly controlled result.

Guarantee the quality of the output

We control the entire design and manufacture of our systems . Throughout their development, we carry out numerous controls to guarantee their reliability and consistency. They are subject to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and to local regulations for marketing or registration. Obtaining these authorizations is the assurance for our customers to have quality and risk-free systems.

Unwavering confidence

If so many personalities trust us, it is because we propose to create exceptional emotions, which take into account the evolution of society, its desires and its environment, thanks to the advances of research on blockchain, which provide a plus and a proven alternative to traditional solutions, which still use cosmetic surgery, or invasive injections or psychotropic drugs. Each system is the result of research work resulting from the fusion of science and art. The laboratories propose systems perfectly adapted to the problems posed and to contemporary concerns

Advanced technology

Electronic chip containing an emotion stored in the bank

You will be amazed by the result, and have a strong emotion.
Your emotion is the result of the use of an ARSENECA system. It will be physically preserved as if you were preserving a memory.
This more, we have put it in place to protect your emotion because emotions disappear or are smoothed out by our current societies.
We do this because together we contribute to the preservation of our emotions and to the improvement of the system.
This is the Emochain project. 

See the EMOCHAIN project

A systematically created Emochain

Emochain of beauty


Everything is done so that you can create the most beautiful Emochain possible using the ARSENECA systems.
An Emochain is simply your final result. It is a sacred art object that preserves your exceptional emotion in the blockchain.
You don't have to worry about anything, we take care of everything. From its creation to its availability. You will be able to buy it at a preferential price. It's like buying a piece of art. 

A work noticed and rewarded by peers

First prize Makerfaire A system created especially for Malia

It is for people like Malia* that Arsènéca laboratories innovate, to enable her to live better, by helping her discover a possible alternative.

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