Vyou are adding sadness Crypto to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain

Try exceptional sadness

Mélancolie Gelée is a deviant system that explores the concept of sadness and offers a unique experience to those who wish to experience this deep emotion. It challenges our perception of sadness and offers a fresh perspective on this facet of the human experience.
When a person orders sadness, they receive a jar filled with water from a snowman that has melted, symbolizing the death of this ephemeral figure. The jar contains the remains of the snowman, thus evoking the loss, fragility and sadness associated with the disappearance of something precious.
By contemplating this jar, the person is invited to feel and explore the nuances of sadness. Melancolie Gelée offers an immersive experience that confronts participants with this complex emotion, allowing them to dive into its essence and better understand it.
An electronic chip is present on the jar, capturing the emotional vibrations and sadness emanating from the object. This data is then recorded and added to the blockchain in the form of an NFT, connected to an emochain. Thus, sadness becomes a tangible and captureable element, allowing participants to explore its changing nature and share it within the artistic community.
Mélancolie Gelée is part of the current of conceptual art and sensory art, inviting participants to immerse themselves in an intense emotional experience. It questions the conventions and stigma associated with sadness, while opening up a space for reflection on its meaning and impact in our lives.
This deviant system explores the possibility of creating and capturing emotions within a blockchain, challenging the notion of value and immutability of emotions. It highlights the intersection between art, technology and emotions, providing fertile ground for artistic and philosophical reflection.
Melancolie Gelée encourages participants to explore their own relationship to sadness, the fragility of life and ephemeral beauty. It opens up new perspectives on the human experience and prompts deep reflection on emotions and their representation in the art world.

Mise en garde :
la normalisation peut parfois limiter la diversité et la créativité, en vous empêchant d’exprimer votre authenticité créant une pression pour vous conformer à des normes qui peuvent ne pas être saines ou appropriées pour vous.