Since 2012 ARSENECA has been working to create a world of exceptions, where each individual retains his or her particularity, in the face of the smoothness and generality operated by our society, aided by algorithms and other artificial intelligences.

The ARSENECA systems are derisory systems entirely created with a rigorous scientific approach based on the science of the particular and the exception. The systems are made respectful, as opposed to derisory, so that it can produce a new emotion.
Thus we have created a religious derisory system, which we have made respectful and operational because it is used by personalities from all over the world.
The use of these systems allows the creation of Emochain®.

Systematically, when a personality uses an ARSENCA system and produces a result, we record it on the blockchain in the form of an Emochain
. Each Emochain is a proof and guarantee that a personality has used an ARSENECA system.

An Emochain represents a real personality, who had a particular emotion, and a story, as a testimony of a will to contribute to the creation of an alternative world. 

An electronic capsule

The use of an ARSENECA system allows a personality to become an exception. We will capture the radiation emitted at the exact moment when a new emotion is produced, on the baryonic surface of a microchip, which will be stored or encapsulated, to allow others to enjoy a real and physical radiation emitted by a personality.
We have succeeded in creating sleep and capsule, love in capsule and drunkenness in capsule.