Since the fashion for generous curves, and the awareness of the dangers associated with cosmetic surgery and injections, combined with the desire to obtain a natural and harmless results for the body, alternative natural products have taken center stage.
However not all bodies are equal when using natural processing products. Genetic factors are important can submit the body has real strength, as stated by the University of Cambridge.
Here’s how to gain volume using natural products


This article is made to help you complement a natural treatment when you are looking to gain volume. There are many products on the market
All are not equal and most of the time they require consideration.


Every body is different and buttock volume gain will depend on your body type and the shape of your buttocks.
There is a strong genetic factor, and determines your final volume gain.
There are profile tests to know your body’s ability to change when using natural products. We offer a test here.


One of the first accompaniments to put in place to gain volume is your diet.
The transformation of your meal into proteins, carbohydrates lipids depends on the nature of your intestinal microbiota which is made up of more than 100,000 billion microorganisms.

Imagine that you have a goat farm to make cheese, the quality and taste of the cheese will depend on the feed of the herd (food) and the nature of each goat which will transform the feed into milk.
Take care of the herd, allows to obtain good cheese.

To increase the volume of your buttocks, you must take good care of your microbiota that you nourish and, importantly, set up a regular action, impose a rhythm.


Regular nutrition is essential

Many people think that to increase the size of the buttocks requires a rich diet. In other words, eat more fat. However, this is obviously not the only factor to consider. You could eat more fat and gain only breast or thighs or belly without gaining buttocks.
When you don’t know your type of microbiota, it is risky to eat more fat to gain buttocks because the transformation of its diet depends on the microbiota.

On the contrary, it is recommended to have a “neutral” power supply this means balanced and diversified to limit the risk of taking only thighs or only belly. That’s the first thing. So banish too fatty food

But the most important element is regularity in eating meals.

More than food, regularity in eating meals is essential

Whether you take dietary supplements, volume capsules,whether you use creams or gels, you must help your body by eating regularly (not skipping meals, and eating at a fixed time) to avoid creating a break in progress. Rupture is a state where the body stops functioning properly due to a micro trauma related to a change.
Your body must be in cruising speed, like a car driving down the highway while maintaining its initial speed.


Another key success factor,sleep well throughout the period you are using natural products for your transformation.
Indeed, it’s during the night that everything happens, when your body is resting. It is during this period that your body will produce the most volume
Light sleep does not promote volume gain.
Warning, this is not about sleeping a lot, but about sleeping well, having quality sleep. You can sleep very well during a 5 hour sleep and sleep poorly during an 8 hour sleep.
To also keep a rhythm during your bulking, it is best to always go to bed at the same hour.

Sleep well reinforces the effectiveness of natural products


To improve, strengthen and improve your diet, the use of food supplements may be necessary.

It is not always easy to adapt a balanced and varied diet to promote buttock volume gain and you may wonder know what diet to have to grow your buttocks.

When this is not obvious, food supplements can be a valuable aid because they will make it possible to supplement the lack. They can also promote the development of the intestinal microbiota. This is the strategy we have adopted to promote buttock volume gain by acting directly on the microbiota involved in food processing.

Choose the product form that best suits your pace

Change your body without surgery and naturally


See Solutions

There are many products on the market that will help you bulk up your buttocks. From cream to machines to gluteal exercises.
Ayou have to find what seems suitable for your state of mind of the moment.
Cosmetic surgery involves the fitting of prostheses, for example. Would you accept a foreign body permanently in your body?
That’s a question to ask yourself.

Glute exercises are limited by body capacity and bulk up. (See our article on sport does not make the buttocks bigger)
However, strengthening may be enough for you.

Intracorporeal food supplements act on the microbiota by nourishing it. However, the result is gradual and absolutely not instantaneous.
This is a criterion to also take into account for women in a hurry.

It is important to start on a good basis and this starts with the choice of performance to be made

Choose a food supplement to promote volume gain

You have products to help you gain volume in the buttocks, with local action.
The results are systematic and your final volume will depend on your starting morphology.
The desired volume will depend on “the strength” of your microbiota to transform your diet.
This is the reason why the products are dosed differently depending on the volume you want to take.


Don’t neglect your volume goal

The first question you need to ask yourself is to estimate how much volume you would like to get.
We will talk about extra centimeters.
For you, it comes down to determining how many more centimeters you would like have.

This step is important because not all products are created equal. Creams and gels do not fall into the category of products that allow significant volume gain.
You have to understand this, because to the question “what is the most effective cure” the only possible answer is what is your goal?


Address the question of the right time to do a natural treatment

When to do the natural treatment? Is there a good time?
Overall yes!
there is a better time than another. This is the one where you will be able to set up a regular lifestyle (eat and sleep at fixed times)

If you want to go on a weight loss diet, or if you enter a period of abstinence for a religious reason for example, it will not have an impact if you set up a regularity. For example, if you start a natural treatment for 6 days and then start a diet on the 7th day, you will not promote volume gain.
On the other hand, if you start your natural treatment at the same time as a diet and throughout the duration of treatment you will promote volume gain because you will be regular.

In fact, dieting during a performance to grow your buttocks is always a favorable factor for gaining volume.


Think about your budget

Take your budget into account.
If your budget does not allow for a natural treatment that corresponds to your objective, do not do it. we will always recommend that you postpone your purchase, even if it means saving money to make it in good conditions.

Very often we see clients who choose according to their budgets and not their objective, and find themselves doing a treatment that is ineffective in terms of their objective.

For a natural treatment, in the form of gel, cream, capsule, ampoule or others, we recommend that you support your change by implementing the first two key success factors which are based on regularity.

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