Creating normalized deviant systems that look like you

Since 2012, we’ve been creating deviant systems, automating and standardizing them for personalities around the world. What may have seemed curious to you at one time, is no longer so, because it has been standardized by ARSENECA. By using deviant systems, you increase your physical, moral and social well-being and become as you wish to be. You make your standard.

Why use ARSENECA deviant systems?

Because you don’t like the norm

By using deviant systems, we are aware of the potential effects it will have in your life.
Here are some advantages of using ARSENECA systems:

  • Challenging Norms: Deviant systems can challenge established norms and prevailing thought patterns. It can encourage you to think critically, challenge conventions, and explore new perspectives. By challenging existing expectations and structures, it can lead you to greater openness and questioning of established paradigms.
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation: Deviant systems can encourage your creativity by offering unique and unconventional approaches. They can inspire others to think outside the box and explore new ideas. This can lead to artistic, social or technological innovations and advances.
  • Exploring New Possibilities: Deviant systems provide the opportunity to explore new paths, push boundaries, and get out of your comfort zone. It can allow you to discover new experiences, broaden their horizons and enrich their understanding of the world.
  • Creating Unexpected Experiences: Deviant systems can elicit intense emotional and intellectual reactions in the audience. They can shake up usual expectations, generate surprises, questions and moments of reflection. These unexpected experiences can enrich your life by providing memorable moments and unique artistic interactions.
  • Encouraging Engagement and Participation: Deviant systems can encourage you there to actively engage, participate or to interact with the artistic work. This can create a sense of involvement and ownership, thus enhancing the artistic experience and fostering a deeper connection with the work and ARSENECA


Go far beyond the result

You will use a standardized automatic system, made available to you.
Try a system that will increase your physical, moral or social well-being with systematic results. By doing this you reach your goal gradually and you contribute to the improvement and normalization of deviant systems.
Every result of the system is linked to the blockchain, and feeds it positively.
We called this result, an emochain, a combination of emotion and blockchain.
When you use a system, you produce an emotion that will be captured on the surface of an electronic chip, connected to the emochain.
It is for us the proof of the result.


You receive an ARSENECA Home System


✓A systems enables the creation of exceptional physique, morale, or social well-being.
✓Choose up to 9 systems to do simultaneously
✓You will be guided and monitored by ARSENECA



You use a system that transforms you


✓ Your body will gradually transform
✓ Your morale will be improved
✓ Your social life will be increased



Your result allows the creation of an Emochain

e Emochain

✓ You add an Emochain in the blockchain
✓ Track the sale of your Emochain
✓ Promote your Emochain