Discover Emochain, much more than a reward!

An Emochain

Linked to an emotion

An emochain always created

Use an ARSENECA system to create your own Emochain.
An Emochain is a sacred art object created in the blockchain. Its main ingredient is your emotion, which you will have when you use a system. Part of this emotion is captured through a microchip. It will also be linked to your Emochain.
Your emotion is thus physically preserved for eternity.  

Choose from all available systems to create your Emochain 

Beauty, drunkenness, satisfaction, love, glory, beauty, you choose the emotion you are going to produce to chain it in the blockchain.
You are free to produce your own emotion according to your own value systems, or use the advanced systems provided by ARSENECA to produce a new and unknown emotion, as qualitative as possible.



Contains love

Much more than a simple object, Emochain preserves your emotion and "replay" it tirelessly, as a positive radiation that will help you in your daily life, a real lucky charm for the future.


A microchip is linked to your Emochain

Your emotion is now in the blockchain. It is connected. A bridge has been created between the physical and the virtual world.

An Emochain is a virtual 3D object created entirely by hand by the artist ARSENECA.
For some, a magic wand, for others a sacred object, an Emochain has a star and at the base an electronic circuit. The function of the printed circuit is to keep the emotion intact.   

Independent objects, the Emochain can be collected and used in metavers.


Your Emochain can earn you money

Each emochain listed on the blockchain can earn you money when it is purchased on the blockchain. You can follow the evolution of your emochain and promote it.