Vyou are adding Wake Crypto to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain

Try an exceptional wake up

Cup Alarm Clock is a deviant system designed to awaken the world and arouse life energy in sleeping individuals. Through a unique and interactive experience, this art of awakening explores apathy to stimulate a state of wakefulness and action.

The operation of Alarm Clock in Cup is as simple as it is ingenious. When someone wants to be woken up, they order the alarm clock with a simple click. At that moment, the artist goes into action and drinks a coffee in his place. This symbolic gesture represents the transfer of energy from the artist to the person who asked to be awakened.

By drinking the coffee, the artist absorbs the fatigue, indolence and inertia that often hinder our will to wake up and act. This performance thus becomes a powerful metaphor for commitment, responsibility and personal initiative.

Réveil en Tasse seeks to raise awareness, catalyze motivation and incite people to take action. By allowing people to delegate their awakening to the artist, the system denounces the attitude of passive expectation and encourages a reflection on the internal obstacles that prevent us from fully embracing our aspirations.

This deviant system offers an alternative vision of awakening by emphasizing the importance of shared energy and solidarity. By participating in Awakening in a Cup, each individual can experience the power of energy exchange and the transformation that comes with it. It reminds us that revival is not just an individual action, but a collective force that can spur meaningful change in the world.

Réveil en Tasse is part of the trend of participatory art and performance by directly involving the spectators in the experience. It encourages reflection on our ability to overcome laziness and inertia, and explores how a simple gesture, like drinking coffee in someone’s place, can trigger cascading reactions and inspire awakening movements.

This deviant system offers an opportunity to question our fatigue and awaken our dormant will, to transform inaction into action. By symbolically awakening individuals, Réveil en Tasse is a vibrant reminder of our collective potential to wake up the world.

The alarm clock created is captured on the surface of an electronic chip connected by radio frequency to the blockchain. An emochain represents in the form of an NFT the alarm clock added in the blockchain. A physical link is established, and hope is physically added to the blockchain.

standardization can sometimes limit diversity and creativity, preventing you from expressing your authenticity creating pressure to conform to standards that may not be healthy or appropriate for you.