Vyou are adding Health Crypto to the blockchain , symbolized by an emochain

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Health in Motion is a deviant system that aims to create and promote health in individuals by overcoming their resistance to physical exercise. Through an artistic and interactive approach, this system encourages physical activity by offering a unique and symbolic experience.

The concept of Health in Motion is based on the principle that when someone orders health, the performer pledges to run for them. The artist embarks on a race around the prison of health, symbolizing the barriers we impose on ourselves to maintain our well-being. This artistic performance, combined with technology, makes it possible to capture and record the benefits of running on an electronic chip connected to an NFT called Emochain.

Each time the artist runs for a person who commands health, the physical effort is captured on the surface of a microchip. This information is then integrated into the blockchain, creating an immutable trace of the health generated. The Emochain thus becomes a tangible representation of physical effort and health benefits.

Health in Motion highlights the importance of physical activity and seeks to motivate people to take care of their health. By engaging in this performance, the artist becomes a catalyst, turning laziness into action and creating a reserve of health for those in need.

This Deviant System also explores the potential of technology to capture and represent intangible aspects such as health in the blockchain. It offers a reflection on the value of health and its interconnection with technology, while inviting participants to rethink their relationship with physical exercise.

Santé en Mouvement is part of the current of technological and participatory art, encouraging collaboration between the artist, the technology and the spectators. It offers an interactive and engaging experience, while highlighting the benefits of physical activity for physical and mental health.

By adding health to the blockchain, Santé en Mouvement offers a reflection on the intangible value of health and its essential role in our overall well-being. It invites spectators to rethink their relationship to health, physical activity and the use of technology to promote their own development.

standardization can sometimes limit diversity and creativity, preventing you from expressing your authenticity creating pressure to conform to standards that may not be healthy or appropriate for you.