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Coeur de Lion is an artistic deviant system that explores the concept of courage and aims to bring courage to those in need. By engaging in this performance, the artist creates and nurtures courage, using a symbolic and immersive approach.

When a person commands courage, the performer goes to a statue of a majestic lion, a traditional symbol of strength and courage. By feeding the statue with offerings, the artist symbolizes the transfer of energy and courage to those who lack it.

This interaction is captured through a technological device, comprising an electronic chip connected by radio frequency to a blockchain. The chip records some of the radiation emanating from the action, symbolizing the transmission of courage itself.

An NFT called Emochain is then created, representing both the symbolic image of nurtured courage and the actual amount of physical courage added to the blockchain. The Emochain thus becomes a tangible and unique object, testifying to this experience of shared courage.

Coeur de Lion questions our relationship to courage and inner strength, while exploring the symbolic dimension of statues and rituals. It invites viewers to reflect on their own relationship with courage and how they can tap into this inner resource to face life’s challenges.

This deviant system is part of the current of participatory and symbolic art, encouraging interaction and reflection around courage. It highlights the power of art to inspire and support individuals in their quest for courage.

By capturing courage on a microchip and integrating it into the blockchain, Coeur de Lion expands the boundaries of what can be recorded and shared in the digital realm. It offers a reflection on the value of courage as a precious and consumable good.

Coeur de Lion also offers an exploration of the relationship between cultural symbols and human emotions. It highlights the potential of art to nurture and strengthen individual and collective courage, contributing to a bolder and more resilient world.

Mise en garde :
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