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Try the Exceptional Answer Prayer

Electronic Prayers is a deviant system that explores the concept of prayers being answered through technology and the use of an algorithm. It aims to meet the needs of those who want their prayers answered, but lack the time or are looking for a more hands-on approach.

The artist designed a special machine capable of receiving and processing participants’ prayers. When a person submits a prayer, it is transformed into a binary code by the machine’s algorithm. This binary code is then used to turn on a combination of lights, creating a unique light sequence specific to each prayer.

This light sequence is a visual representation of prayer, symbolizing the sending of the energy of prayer into the universe. By emitting an electromagnetic wave into the universe, the machine promotes the fulfillment of prayer, offering a tangible link between the person’s request and the world around him.

For each answered prayer, an NFT called Emochain is created in the blockchain. Emochains are images representing a rotating star, each rotation corresponding to a prayer sent into the universe by the machine. Each Emochain is unique and represents the specific prayer associated with it.

Electronic Prayers questions our relationship to prayers, technology and spirituality. It invites participants to reflect on how technology can be used to support and enhance spiritual practices, while exploring the notion of human-divine connection.

This deviant system is part of the current of technological and interactive art, offering a unique participatory experience. It highlights the ability of art to transform and enrich our traditional rituals, combining spirituality with the possibilities offered by technological advances.

Electronic Prayers also highlights the changing nature of our relationship with spirituality in the digital age. It questions the validity and effectiveness of traditional methods of answering prayers, while exploring new ways to meet the spiritual needs of individuals.

Using technologies such as algorithms, lights and blockchain, Electronic Prayers opens new perspectives for spiritual practice, offering a modern and innovative approach to answering prayers.

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