Above all, do not play sports to gain volume in the buttocks

The squat is a false good idea, to gain volume.
It’s a fact that you have experienced and seen in the gym, or doing squats.

Sport to temporarily tone the gluteal muscles

The benefits of a regular sport are not to be demonstrated here.

ARSENECA Laboratory . has enough customer statistics to analyze the results.

1h30 of sport per week is the average of our customers out of a sample of 3,600 people since 2012. Customers who practice a sport regularly are in better health. These are also our recommendations for adopting an ARSENECA Laboratory  lifestyle to best approach performances.

The squat blocks the volume gain of the buttocks

However, for our laboratories, sport is a constraint to manage for those who wish to grow their buttocks.

A targeted sport, such as squats or lunges for more than 5 minutes a day will slow your progress, maybe even block it. This is the danger of a squat as a bad idea, because by squatting you tone the muscles, but if you don’t exercise it’s back to square one.

Those who practice these exercises will have already noticed that it is impossible to gain volume. You will certainly strengthen the muscle fiber and tone your muscles, however if you are not looking for muscle strength for sporting reasons, it is best to limit these exercises to 5 minutes per day maximum.

The Nabille performance is made for athletes, so it is ideal for those who cannot limit these exercises (with a goal of gaining a buttock volume of 2.5 cm)

For greater volume, the XL treatment  or the XXL treatment  are made on -measure and will be able to take into account the constraints related to the sport.

For all other performances, it is best not to exceed 5 minutes per day.

These analyzes are not related to the cures you can do.

The squat is a false good idea

Just as it will not allow you to lose your belly, indeed sport will make you gain muscle mass and lose fat mass. However, muscle being heavier than fat, you can mathematically start exercising and continue to gain weight.

Martin Humer research director ARSENECA Laboratory . demonstrates that for example to lose 4kg in 3 months, you must jog 2 hours 5 days out of 7. Which is really marginal, and it will take a lot of courage to lose your belly.

Sport will play a role in limiting weight gain, which is perfect for those who don’t want to gain weight, but not for those who want to lose weight.

Now those who wish to gain volume in the buttocks and grow in the buttocks and hips, sport limiting weight gain to a minimum, it will therefore also limit the gain in volume on the target parts. Martin Humer demonstrates that your tendency to gain weight with age will be inversely proportional to the duration of your physical activity.

It is therefore essentially through natural or supplemented food (intra or extra bodily food supplements) that you will be able to play on weight loss or weight gain, and not on sport which will only be effective at the margin.

The recommendations of ARSENECA Laboratory 

ARSENECA Laboratory  recommends sports that will pull fibers such as running, walking, swimming and worrying about your health, rather than worrying about your buttocks and performing targeted exercises.